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Enterprise mobility is emerging as a vital function in every organization. With changing work culture of organizations and rising adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept, organizations are looking for an effective solution to manage increasing mobile data.

Enterprise mobility means not only mobile devices and mobile workers, but also mobile corporate data. The concept holds the capacity to leverage full productivity and efficiency of the employees and hence driving a greater return on investment. Mobile device management has the potential to manage multiple devices operating within the enterprise mobility framework and enables faster and secured data sharing across various departments in an organization.

Rising demand for Mobility Analytics

Unmatched connectivity, convenience, accessibility and efficiency is attracting attention of investors as mobility remains key for maintaining an edge among B2C and B2B organizations. Data collected from mobile phones holds the power to redefine business and its market share. Mobility loses its key benefits without a comprehensible strategy. Data analytics enhances the impact and effectiveness of mobility. Deriving valuable intelligent insights from captured analytics from mobility has become a major trend in the market among all lines of the business. It can empower an organization and present new platforms of growth to any business. Mobility analytics enable organizations to leverage the current data of their customers to evaluate the changing needs of the customers. Collecting data on behavioral aspects of every individual customer is the power which drives the demand of mobility analytics. It allows customer satisfaction and at the same time it is a great customer retention strategy. Platform selection and demography helps to leverage entry point for customers to the market. Mobility analytics monitors real-time flow of blended data and analyzes people behavior on its basis. Rising demand for mobility analytics remains one of the key trends of mobile device management market. Mobility analytics offers deeper penetration in the market for even small FMCG companies. It is widely being adopted in various industries such as traffic management via GPS enabled devices, retail, transportation and logistics and others. Increasing number of mobile devices and handsets makes it difficult to keep tracks of every individual who is being added to the network of organization. Mobile device management helps to trace, monitor, manage and secure mobile devices easily. Increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets has increased the deployment of mobile device management software, which enables a better control over data captured by mobility analytics.

MDM Market Consolidation

Enterprise mobility is not just about mobile devices and mobile workers however it is a broader term targeting effective management of mobile corporate data to improve the productivity and efficiency of the employees and the organization's workflow. Furthermore, mobile device management is rapidly growing broader to cater the growing needs of organizations for complete suites that include multiple tools for device, app and software management. EMM is rapidly emerging as a holistic solution EMM not only enables effective management of devices however, also integrates automatic updates and patched across multiple devices at the same time.

Seeking actively to these emerging trends in EMM, vendors in MDM market are merging to offer more holistic approach to their end-users. The market will continue to witness mergers and acquisitions targeting to adoption of new technologies. MDM vendors will continue to integrate with mobile operators, system integrators and other technology providers.

IoT Growth to Continue

Internet of things is one of the key trends impacting enterprise mobility strategies. Rising sale of mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and others has increased adoption of IoT technology in the market. IoT enables real-time behavior monitoring, real-time updates on situational awareness, sensor driven analytics, optimized resource consumption, control and response in complex autonomous systems. IoT enabled devices has a positive influence on the mobile device management market due to its benefits such as enhanced resilience and reactivity, strengthen productivity & performance and uptime management & security. IoT has created a huge impact on enterprise mobility programs. Emergence of cloud computing has created significant opportunities for the enterprise mobility management market. Cloud computing enables deployment of IoT enabled devices, which has started a new trend of BYOD among organizations. BYOD has brought many benefits from cost savings to productivity gains. With the introduction of concept of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) in organizations, mobile device management has become an essential part of an organization. It safeguards mobile devices used by employees for the protection of company's confidential data and information.

Data theft, data loss and data breach remain major concerns for companies. Organizations are relying on enterprise mobility program for maintaining integrity and compatibility among various mobile operations systems. Enterprises are aiming to build a platform to support multiple devices and monitor them over the same network, which is driving the global mobile management device market.

Adoption of Cloud Computing

Cloud based technologies have been gaining importance as an enterprise solution for a number of reasons. These include the growing sophistication in cloud services and its easy availability, reliability and affordability. Moreover the groundbreaking potential with big data is driving enterprises to turn to cloud technologies.

A Further Boost to the Bring-Your-Own-Device Trend

The corporate world has adopted the bring-your-own-device culture with great effectiveness. The increased mobility offers a high level of efficiency and productivity. This has contributed in making BYOD more than only a trend. It is now transforming into a regular workplace norm and more and more companies are shifting towards this practice.

Mobile Device Management or MDM solutions are used to tackle various issues resulting from the BYOD culture. If not addressed, these security issues can disrupt the workflow and hamper efficiency.

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