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Jesus's birthplace still yearning for peace and goodwill

(Op-ed) Jerome Irwin
22 Nov 2019, 21:05 GMT+10

What does peace and good will towards Palestine and Israel mean? Each year, at Christmas, the world pauses to focus its attention on Palestine, where the birth of Jesus took place, and how the story of Christianity first began. But there exists yet another side to this mythic origin story and the hostilities that have existed between the Christian, Jewish and Muslim Faiths througout the Middle East for millenia. In modern times, this origin story began anew in Palestine with the invasion, in 1948, of gangs of Israeli terrorist groups who set into motion the total takeover of Palestine, with the wholesale violent displacement of the Palestinian peoples and utter devastation of their entire way of life which continues to this day.

In this modern era of: radical climate change; devastation of the natural world; rise of authoritarian, fascist world governments, and; ever-mounting gross disparities between the ultra-rich and desperately poor; all forms of life on the Earth, and indeed that of the entire Human Race, presently are undergoing an excruciatingly difficult rebirthing process of some totally new yet unknown entity. The violent pains perhaps unlike anything that has come before since the birth and ultimate murder of Jesus because this time what is seeking to be born is diferent from anything that has come before since the birth and ultimate murder of Jesus. Palestine, where this modern human story first began, is where it all must begin again, one way or the other, for better or for worse.

The antecedants to this storys origins can be traced back hundreds, even thousands of years ago to when the earliest, most dominant, members of the human race those some would refer to today as the white, European, racist, fascist, corporate supremicists who first achieved hegemony over the weaker, less able members of the human race and ever since have perpetuated whatever violence necessary to maintain an iron grip on the way human political, religious, economic and cultural evolution continues to unfold.

Fast forward to the annals of modern history during World War I. The sheer insanity of the ruthless brutality that was committed against the human race in order to maintain that same evolutionary iron grip, that was again set into motion a hundred years ago and led to a series of calamitous events among human life on earth, has even now only just begun to be experienced with the many resulting wars, massacres and violent upheavels that periodically have continued to ensue throughout the world. Like the extreme tensions and violent releases that the earth itself periodically undergoes as its many fragmented tectonic plates continue to violently move and shift; so, too, do the Sins of the Fathers, as the old saying goes, continue to be suffered upon all humanity and especially the less fortunate, weaker peoples and nations. Like the commonly-held fear of the destructive potential of earthquakes, the world forever frets about what will happen once The Big One finally hits.

More specifically, the unbelievably-enormous degree of hypocrisy and indifference that has long existed on the part of the worlds governments, its leaders and the people themselves to ever do anything to, once and for all, rectify the sordid, ugly human realities that Palestine represents in human history as revealed in biblical revelations, is much too immense, much too confounding for the human brain and heart to fully cope with and understand. Its like trying to come up with sane, logical explanations to define the reasons for such universal human principles as good and evil, hate and love, life and death.

What follows could be called an Amicus Curiae brief, presented to the court of world opinion, on behalf of all the human beings and specifically those of present-day Israel, Palestine and in particular the dispossessed Palestinians now to be found in scattered places throughout the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza and the Gaza Strip. The questionable status of their survival speaks to the broader implications of not only their survival but the survival of the rest of the worlds indigenous people and that of the Earth herself.

The ultimate verdict and outcome of this court of world opinion rests upon those who will read this brief and then serve as the worlds ad hoc presiding judges, jurists and friends-of-the-court who will be prepared to advance similar arguments and take whatever necessary actions on behalf of all those others who cannot.

The seemingly endless crisis that began in 1948 between Israel & Palestine is one of those black holes in life that seem to swallow up everything around it wisdom, truth, ideas, ideals, beliefs, rationality, honourable intentions with no hope of escape; where far better minds than this observer have passionately and forthrightly weighed into the fray at great length, and railed with as much brilliant insight, sound logic, deduction and judgment as could be mustered, yet, in the end, with seemingly little more impact or effect than that of any other brave soul who has ever sought to penetrate the strange mystique of Israeli racism and apartheid.

Like every other similar hotly-contested black hole debate in the world, waged against the forces of whatever ism - Nazism, Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Islamism, Judaism, Terrorism, Neo-liberalism, Fascism before any positive change can ever occur, they all must invariably run their due course; like a thundering avalanche hurtling out-of-control down the mountainside, until, finally, whatever irrational, enigmatic, chaotic, destructive tensions and energies that originally set them off finally are dissipated.


After however much palaver has been made about Israels repeated violations of Palestinian human and international rights, and its committal of innumerable acts of criminality against them, for which theyve never been found guilty, the-most burning unanswered question of all is: why, for over 70 years, has the world allowed Israel and Judaism to commit the worst of atrocities against the Palestinians, and yet is allowed to get away with it, scot-free, when the same atrocities eventually were brought to heel in such racist, apartheid states as South Africa?

An irrational human enigma surrounds the mystique that is Israel. This mystique one that exists at the core of many biblical prophecies, that encompasses everything, from: the Christian concept of The Anti-Christ; Islams concept of Masih ad-Dajjal, and its False Messiah-- ISA; the Jewish theological concept of Armilus, the anti-Messiah, its Gathering of the Exiled Diaspora and Revival of the dead Tsadikim. To some biblical scholars, the creation of the modern Zionist Jewish state in 1948, and the Six-Day Arab-Israel War in 1967, represents the Beginning of the End as prophesized in Matthew (24:4-6).

Ever since the execution of Jesus on the Cross by the Jews of the Old World, Humanitys deepest, darkest fears and anxieties of death, oblivion and redemption remain at the core of the ancient mythology that surrounds Israels earliest beginnings and continued survival. If these fears and anxieties of the human psyche hadnt ever manifested around the entity known asIsrael, they no doubt would have had to manifest around some other comparable biblical touchstone entity within the human story.


For many, the basis of this human paradox is too powerful to ever challenge or call into question. Israel a paradoxical tale of: goodness and evil; love and hate; beauty and cruelty; salvation and damnation; where human existence, even when joyful, is marred by vulnerability, tragedy and sadness. Its mythology lies at the heart of fundamental existential human questions that ask: Where did this story first begin?, Where is it going?, How will it end?

World conflict around Israel and the Jews goes all the way back in time to their hostilities with the: Egyptians, Amalekites, Midianites, Moabites, Ammonites, Amorites, Philistines, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Romans; and all those they ever warred with, from: Sennacherib, King of Assyria; the villainous Haman of Persia, to Hitler of Nazi Germany and Khomeini of Iran.

Both Christian & Jewish prophecies contend that God has a special plan for the nation of Israel and that Satan wants to defeat that plan; and so, as the prophecies go, it is this satanically-influenced hatred of Israel, its ancient Yahweh God, and the God EL of the Bronze Age Canaanite pantheon before it, that forever fuels this epic mythic struggle. This enigma manifest in biblical prophecies of everything from: The Second Coming of Christ, in Matthew (26:64) & John (14:1-3); The Covenant With the Anti-Christ, in Daniel (9:27) & Isaiah (28:15); The Great Tribulation in Revelations (Chapter 9); the Time of Jacobs Troubles, in (Jeremiah 30:7) & Deuteronomy (30:3); the Rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem, in Daniel (9:27) & Matthew (24:15,21), or Israels Recognition of Jesus as their Messiah, in Romans (11:26) & Ezekiel (11:17). To all true believers of the Rapture Prophecyin 2 Timothy (4:8) & Revelations (4:1), or those who await the coming of the prophesized New Jerusalem, in Revelations (21:10-12).For some, whatever horrors already have, or will be perpetrated by the Jewish people against the Palestinians or whomever is a small price to pay that is of little real consequence or concern.

Israel, in short, is the worlds Tar-Baby.The more the world struggles to free itself from the Tar-Babys madness in the Middle East, the more entangled it becomes in the Tar-Babys every insane political affair.


The song Days End, by the Christian rock group IVORYLINE, cajoles its listeners To scream Thank You with every waking breath. And cry Mercy, Mercy at every days end. Yet we remain quiet and comfortable in our A to B lives. Our complacency wont last much longer, an urgency will sweep, sweep, sweep our sleep, sleep, sleeping hearts.

However long one ponders into the darkest hours of the night: the Torahs mystery parable of The Fish & The Fox; the Qurans hidden meanings within the Spider Story & Ant Story; or the Bibles secret teachings of the Three Camels; their revelatory gist remains one in the same. The endless squabbling between the worlds religions over questions of ultimate truth is the bane - the curse of the human condition. The longer the European-Jewish-Arab-World Problem remains unresolved, all the more probable will Palestine one day become destined to become one of the seminal holocaustic killing fields between the worlds warring religions.

In cosmic terms, by days end, we humans, as individuals and as nations of people, will either be called upon to rise up, on the strength of our native wisdoms and traditions - and draw upon our many eternal, transcendent parables of life - or ultimately fall upon our own swords and succumb to all the subsequent ignorance that eventually will swallow us up.

But it still remains a consummate mystery what it ultimately will take to ward off all the hate that the fear mongers, political ideologues, propagandists and crony powers that be would have us believe is the inevitability of the end of days prophecy to be centered in Palestine?

The challenge every individual must answer for him or her self in the days and years ahead is how to simultaneously heal and evolve within ones self humankinds many shadows that exist on the outside, while knowing full-well that only any real healing and evolution can ever come slowly from the inside of every human being; the crisis always more one of spiritual transformation rather than some expedient political-religious-biblical resolution.

Another mystery within this resolution process is how to convince those who forever live within this shadows pale, that an all-important first step that must be achieved to heal the rifts that exist between those like Israel and Palestine would be to lift all the sieges and blockades that exist not only in Gaza but in the rest of Palestine; while simultaneously allowing Palestinians the Right To Return and begin to establish the political reality of One Nation Two Peoples.

The United States, Canada and other mixed settler-immigrant-indigenous nations in the New and Old Worlds all have had to grapple with this same reality; the success of which is of the utmost critical importance to the entire worlds future well-being that, in the long run, is actually in every Jew and Palestinians own best interests, as well.

Which brings this down to the question of what steps human governments now must take to move the human race forward on a higher plane of existence, towards a world that one day will be able to live in peace and harmony? Were the U.N. General Assembly to adhere to the Book of Isaiah (2:3-4), it could, if it so desired, declare tomorrow, before all its members, Friends, allies and enemies, mankind has been savaging one another since the beginning of time, and it wont ever stop until we here and now finally put a stop to it. The mayhem must end! So, if not now, when; and if not us, then who? Its time to beat our swords into ploughshares and spears into pruning hooks, and no longer sell to any other country, dispicable, murderous WMDs, like: Land mines & IEDs, Armored (LCM) Troop Carriers, Hellfire missiles, White Phosphorus fin-guided bombs, Cube Shrapnel or Flechette DARTS & DIME munitions. No longer will we sell advanced combat aircraft, gunships, Apache & Black Hawk attack helicopters, drones, tanks or missile systems to be used against the Palestinians, or anyone else in the Middle East or the world, for that matter. Is this sheer fantasy thinking or a potential reality some day?


The Peoples of the Earth and especially those in the Middle East - have a sacred right to peace. Its shamefully backward that every country hasnt yet created within its government a Department of Peace, or that the U.N doesnt already have established, as a corollary to its Security Council, a Council of Peace. Canada, as a first step towards this end, could become one of the luminary nations in this righteous cause were they to advocate that the first action of such a U.N. Council of Peace would be to impose an immediate arms embargo upon Israel, Hamas and all other Palestinian armed groups. The worlds corporations, universities and religious institutions could follow suit with an array of boycotts, divestments and sanctions against any commercial, military, governmental enterprise that violates this U.N. Council of Peace embargo, designed to place limits and controls on all the bullies-on-the-block!

This could become the worlds new cause celebre - its new Dues ex machina plot device whereby the seemingly unsolvable universal madness of mankinds penchant for terror and warfare suddenly and abruptly is resolved by the contrived and unexpected intervention of this new Peace Embargo concept within the United Nations. Thus, the whole human story of evolutionary progress could be dramatically fast-forwarded; to become its new way of looking at humankinds purpose on Planet Earth, going from contagious to viral in a heartbeat!


Another immediate action Canada and other like-minded countries could take would be to reverse their dreadfully divisive long-standing stance towards Palestine and world peace by following the sterling lead of those like Swedens Social Democratic Party, and the some 135 and counting other countries who already offer ad hoc recognition to the State of Palestine, and cajole the rest of the EUs leaders to follow suit. Canada could be one of the leader nations to encourage the implementation of some semblance of the original U.N. Plan of Partition & Economic Union of Palestine & Israel, as well as encourage ways to tear down Israels Apartheid Wall in the same way that the Berlin Wall was torn down years ago as one of the first steps to begin to tear down the artificial, unnatural separations and divisions this wall and others like it have, for too long, created between Palestinians, Israelis and the rest of the world.

Israel could also offer inspiration to the world were it to commit to no longer violate but instead honour, on behalf of the Palestinian people, every Article of the U.N.s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as every Article within the Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights. Such actions would launch Israels footsteps onto the same long and arduous road along which so many other countries have had to grope, as they struggled, however fitfully, to become truly-integrated, mature, human societies.

The United Nations could come up with its own contrived Deus ex machina plot device and creative solution to this much too long clash of political wills and cultures were it to consider various visionary, thinking-outside-of-the-box, concepts of conflict resolution; such as outlined in the book One Land, Two States: Israel & Palestine as Parallel States, that proposes a Mandatory Palestine & Eretz Yisrael to become overlapping, parallel states that cover the entirety of what is now Israel and the Occupied Territories of Palestine. If successful, this single silver bullet, to try to solve the unsolvable, could even become a worldwide model for other contested regions to try, such as in Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Iraq, Cyprus, Kashmir, Tibet and Western Sahara, to name but a few.

There are always political pundits, however, who will always scoff at any such new bold concept. One can almost already hear them chide, Youre dreaming!.....Its too premature!.... It doesnt fit into Israels peace process plan!..... Might be possible some day, maybe, but not at this point.... Such enlightened thinking wont ever happen. Period!. Too many humans still think and act like monkeys and apes!

But are these the voices of wisdom and foresight or ignorance and hindsight? Are the proponents of One Land: Two States, dreamer-visionaries of how life conceivably could be for humankind, or are they but the latest in a long line of world peace polyannas to be dismissed?


The ancient biblical lands of Palestine are dry, barren places without a great wealth of natural resources to attract the greedy; its indigenous peoples, considered by some to be too primitive and undeveloped to ever worry about. They and their homelands have now become the sacrificial lamb on the altar of a long-standing unsolvable historic European-Jewish-Christian-Muslim-World Problem of human co-existence.

Yet, ironically, Palestine now has perhaps taken on the greatest allegorical meaning of all of human existence. For the dilemma of the Human Race is that it will not and cannot ever move on to the next, higher stage of its development until it completes its present stage; a stage that now demands that, through the conflict between Israel and Palestine, it is being forced to find, as it were, a solution to the metaphorical: algorithm of The Rubic Cube; King Solomons Splitting of The Baby; the riddle of Christopher Columbus Breaking of the Egg; the Archimedean Point of Archimedes, or; Alexandrian Solution to the Gordian Knot.

Thus, the challenge to transcend this evolutionary impasse offers a clear choice between two opposite vying directions. One direction leads towards the devolution of humankinds civilization, and an ever-deeper plunge into the Black Hole of the Collective Soul and cancerous malignancy of the human heart.

Such a metastasizing condition, if left unchecked to run its course whether it be in a human body or that of the Earths can only end but one way: the ultimate death of the organism. The opposite direction othewise seeks to lead humanity towards a more glorious destiny, far beyond the void of the abyss into which the world now gauntly stares with each passing year.

What that direction will be is anyones guess. At present, the tinder - economically, politically, militarily, environmentally is at flashpoint; the ignored feminine wisdoms & mysteries of the Earth and humankind remain as stark mirrored-images of one anothers deafening psychic screams for all in the world to see and hear!


This leaves but one last eerie timeless parallel to draw between this widespread pathology that exists within the world and a final biblical parable (Exodus 1:8-11), that speaks of the same impasse that once occurred between the Pharoah Ramesses & Moses.

Israels modern Apartheid Wall not unlike the parables pretend wall that once was meant to keep the ancient Israelites safe from their hated Egyptian enemies. Todays continuing plagues of death and destruction in Israel and Gaza not unlike: the ten biblical plagues of gnats, flies, frogs, locusts and ruination of old; the modern-day high-tech rocket and missile attacks between them not unlike the magicians of Pharoah & Moses who once threw staffs at one anothers feet that turned into snakes that sought to consume the other; the ghoulish spectres of each sides God, Passing Over their hated enemies towns and villages, hoping to kill not just the first-born sons but as many sons and daughters of either side that they can; the heart of Israels new Pharoah as hard, cold and unrelenting as was Egypts Pharoah of antiquity.

Such parallels beg to know: What last horrific plague finally will cause the new pharaoh to try to put life back to normal once again in Israel & Palestine?

Wherefore Israel & Palestine, Art Thou Mythic Lands of Milk & Honey?

Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American activist-writer who, for decades, has sought to call world attention to problems of environmental degradation and unsustainability caused by excessive mega-development and the host of related environmental-ecological-spiritual issues that exist between the conflicting philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. Irwin is the author of the book, "The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey", a spiritual sojurn among the native peoples of North America, and has produced numereous articles pertaining to: Ireland's Fenian Movement; native peoples Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Movement; AIPAC, Israel & U.S. Congress anti-BDS Movement; the historic Battle for Palestine & Siege of Gaza, as well as; innumerable accounts of the violations constantly waged by industrial-corporate-military-propaganda interests against the World's Collective Soul

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