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Natural Ways to Get Long & Luscious Eyelashes

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13 Oct 2020, 20:24 GMT+10

Our eyes are important vital organs which blesses us with the wonderful sights that we see everyday. It is a true blessing to have eyes to see and enjoy seeing the world around us!

But that's not all that our precious eyes do, they make our face appear more beautiful, more proportionate, and more alluring in its own right. But do you know what adds all the extra mystery and charm to our eyes? It's our eyelashes for sure!

Thick, dark, and long eyelashes make a person's face more feminine, give them a soft subtle charm that is hard to put a finger on, and gives out the impression of good health.

So, every woman desires long, luscious, and appealing eyelashes, and many of us go to great lengths to achieve them.

Here are quick and easy ways you can grow your eyelashes without much hassle:

Comb your Eyelashes Religiously:

Most of us brush and comb our hairs regularly, but rarely think about brushing and combing our eyelashes. But why not? Our eyelashes are hair follicles too, just like the hair on our head.

When you comb or brush your eyelashes, a proper space is set between each of them, making your eyelashes appear thicker as well as longer. Another benefit of combing the eyelashes is the fact that it distributes the natural oil secretes at the roots of the eyelashes till the tip of the lash.

Combining your eyelashes gives your eyelashes a natural glow, which you can't picture unless you experience it for real, so do give combing your lashes a try.

Use Moisturizers for Soft and Breakage-Free Eyelashes:

Our eyelashes tend to fall very easily if they are dry and brittle, ruining your dreams of growing them thick and long.

But well-moisturized and soft eyelashes have a low chance of falling prematurely. You can drink more water and hydrate yourself from the inside, and that's great for your health but due to the harsh climates we live in, the eyelashes need some extra protection from the outside as well.

There are different types of moisturizers available for your use, which will make your lashes smooth and soft.

Oil Your Lashes to Promote Thickness & Growth:

There are different types of oils that hold a special place in the beauty department as they serve multiple purposes of beautifying various parts of our bodies.

Oils are one such beauty product which are great for your skin, your hair, your lips, your eyebrows as well as your lashes.

Coconut oil and castor oil can be used to promote the growth of your lashes, and people swear by the thickness boosting properties of the olive oil. Some people see huge results after using tea tree oil and rose oil, you can experiment with different oils and pick what works best for your eye growth.

It is best to apply oils on your lashes before you go to bed as oils tend to be heavy, so when you apply them on your eyelashes, you will find that your eyelids feel heavier so best to use them before you sleep.

Invest in Products Which are Known for Boosting Eyelash Growth:

Seeing how women love to have long and thick eyelashes, there are various products in different price ranges, check out the products of your favorite beauty brands and see if they are offering one for your eyelash growth.

Bimatoprost is an FDA-approved solution that is present in the Careprost eyelash growth serum which boosts the growth of the eyelashes, makes them longer, and darker for sure.

If you want to try out lash-line boosting products, you can even use Aloe vera gel, you just need a little amount, it makes your lashes softer and gives them an appearance of being well-groomed and even promotes their growth.

Vitamin E does wonders for eyelash growth, so you can either buy an oil rich in Vitamin E such as Almond oil for your lash growth or buy Vitamin E capsules and pop them and apply the contents on your lashes at night before sleeping to see considerable results.

Make sure to do a patch test or risk out the possibility of an allergy before you make use of any of the items on your eyelashes. Beauty is important, but safety always takes precedence. Apart from using these tips and tricks, get enough sleep, and eat food rich in omegas which are good for eyelash growth and hair growth in general. Take care of your eyes in a gentle way by removing your eye make-up at night and giving them enough rest in between the screen time and even at night, sleep well.

You can even use make-up products such as mascara and fake lashes to give the illusion of longer lashes while you are growing them out, as growing your lashes requires at least 2 weeks of time, and you cannot usually see results after a day or two.

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