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7 Tips on How To Be A Successful Newbie Bitcoin Trader

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22 Sep 2021, 22:19 GMT+10

Many individuals get involved in the bitcoin trading industry. However, only a few get to be successful in this field. This success is that these individuals learn about the trade, and they utilise effective strategies when it comes. Therefore, if you desire to be a successful bitcoin trader, you must know these tips to get you to your objective.

#1. Start from something small.

As a beginner, you should start from something small. You can get to know the basics and experience the nuances of trading. If you invest with something small, it can help you attain good profits and avoid the risk of losing a significant amount of money.

#2. Invest money that you can afford to lose.

If you engage in bitcoin trading, you should know that you do not have to invest all your money into trading. Instead, you should save a decent savings amount from being used for your expenses if you lose your money in bitcoin trading. This is one of the most critical tips in being successful in bitcoin trading.

#3. Invest in getting an education about bitcoin trading.

As a bitcoin trader, you should obtain training about investment. It would be best if you learned how to make technical analyses. You have to decide on the sites or apps that can assist you in making the right decisions or help you make the correct predictions to earn huge profits. Technical analysis can be done through a candlestick or from the order book. To start trading, click here.

#4. Keep abreast of current news and events.

You should be updated about the current bitcoin price, the latest trends, events, and information about bitcoin. By doing this, you have a greater chance of making the right decisions and obtaining good trading results.

#5. Choose a secure wallet.

You must choose your bitcoin wallet as this holds your digital assets. There are different options when it comes to this secure wallet, as there are various options.

As a newbie trader, you should trade through a reputable broker and the wallet they offer. One of these could be Coinbase. However, if you decide to buy your wallet, you have to pick which one is the right kind for you.

Wallets are categorised as either hot or cold. Hot wallets are linked to the net and can potentially be hacked. On the contrary, cold wallets are more secure and can store assets offline.

You can opt for a hot wallet if you desire instant access, and you only hold a small amount of bitcoin. Make sure that you check the reviews and feedback of the provider. However, you should choose a cold wallet if you hold high-value bitcoins.

In addition, it is recommended that you use both with only a limited amount available. You should keep the majority of your funds offline.

#6. Choose a trading strategy.

Before you consider opening a position, be mindful of the kind of trader you desire to be. This is influenced by the amount of time you have to work on market analysis and trading activity and how fast you want to earn a profit.

Generally, there are four types of bitcoin traders: scalpers, day traders, swing traders, and passive traders.

Passive traders hold on to their position aimed at long-term profit.

Swing traders work based on in-depth technical analysis to identify trends in the market.

Day traders work on the market within 24 hours who take advantage of short-term market movements.

Scalpers are the most prolific traders as they work on multiple trades per day for small profits.

#7. Invest in different crypto coins.

With the market's volatility, you should be able to focus on tips on how to reduce risk. One of these is portfolio diversification.

Most newbie traders look at the potential of bitcoin and do not address its risks.

If you trade in different cryptocurrencies, you protect yourself from loss. If one cryptocurrency falls, the other is offset by the profit on another.


Engaging in cryptocurrency trading is an exciting task. However, the market is volatile, and there is a risk involved. By doing these six tips, you will increase your success in being a newbie bitcoin trader.

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