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Your Guide to the Types of Strip Curtains

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23 Sep 2021, 00:33 GMT+10

When it comes to products you may not have considered for your workplace, the humble strip curtains may have escaped your notice. However, these could actually be the hero product for your business. Not only can they provide a useful divider from parts of your workspace or warehouse, but they can save your business money, time and product loss.

Here we look at some of the solutions used widely in restaurants, canteens, food preparation and manufacturing, warehouses, offices and factories to see how they combat issues from temperature, bugs, dangerous activities and bacteria to keep workforces comfortable yet safe and products in good condition.

Perforated Curtains

The curtains offer the same benefits as standard PVC strip curtains, yet they have small perforations that allow air to enter the room but keep flying pests out. Perforated curtains are perfect for use in kitchens, restaurants and food preparation areas. Oven and cooking heat can dissipate through the holes, and fresh air can still enter and circulate, preventing a build-up of food odours and chemical smells from cleaning. They are see-through, so they still allow for good visibility when moving in or out.

Welding Curtains

Welding screens and curtains provide a safe environment for those in and around welding activities. For many businesses, a welding space forms part of a wider working environment, and it is not uncommon for many other workers to be operating close by. Welding is a pretty hazardous occupation, where equipment emitting harmful UV light can cause eye damage and the potential for deadly sparks to fly. It can be challenging to ensure nearby employee safety in this instance, yet putting in permanent screens or walls is not appropriate. This can be overcome by using a portable flame retardant welding curtain or screen, giving you the protection you need, yet it quickly moves where required and is easily storable when not.

Anti-insect Curtains

Designed to stop bugs, pests and the myriad of other flying insects that can disrupt working, these transparent perforated anti-insect curtains can easily be fitted to doors, windows and openings to prevent bugs from getting in. If you need regular easy access to an area or work with products that insects can damage, these curtains will help ease the worry. They provide a barrier that people and equipment can get through quickly, even when they have their hands full, and are ideal to allow maximum ventilation.

Anti-microbial Curtains

These PVC strip curtains inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, help prevent cross-contamination by limiting the bacteria present to be picked up on clothing or skin that comes into contact with it. Used in hospitals, food processing areas, and manufacturing businesses, where products or services are bacteria sensitive or to limit the spread of infection or harmful microbes in any opening.

Anti-static Curtains

Anti-static curtains help reduce static using an anti-static additive incorporated into the PVC. They help reduce the levels of static in the air and reduce potentially harmful build-up. Used in data centres, server rooms, and manufacturing workshops and plants, these curtains are suitable for internal and external doorways that may encounter both vehicle and people traffic. They also assist in temperature regulation and prevent noise and air pollution, especially in multi-purpose areas, where segregating with walls and doors is inappropriate.

Various industries recognise the benefits of using PVC strip curtains. Why not approach industry experts to help you understand how much your workplace could benefit from installing strip curtains?


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