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Adventure Time: 5 Best Tents To Have For A Camping Trip

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06 Dec 2021, 19:51 GMT+10

Are you planning to have a camping trip with your friends? Family? Or maybe by yourself? Well, it sure is thrilling to take part and become one with nature for once in a while. Taking a break from work and other things that are stressing you out is the best thing to have for a moment. Feeling the breeze coming from nature itself and observing its natural beauty is relaxing and stress-free.

But before you embark on your trip, let me ask you one thing, have you prepared the best tent for your upcoming journey? If not, it's time to head out to the nearest store and purchase one for yourself. If you're wondering why a tent is the best shelter for camping as it can be portable as you go along with your trip. It is convenient, especially when staying overnight in the woods or mountains.

There are many kinds of tents you can choose from, and picking the best one for you is essential to make your trip perfect and have a great experience. If you don't know what type of tent you will be buying, this article will help you. Here are some of the best tents to have on your camping trip.

Ridge Tents

Ridge tents are also known as A-Frame Tents. It's the most basic tent that a person can imagine, like in the cartoons you watched when you were still a kid. Following the A letter or triangular shape structure, it is the most convenient tent to set up as it is easy to pitch. The structure is small for sleeping only, unlike other tents for 6 people. This kind of tent is also stable, especially when it's windy in the place you are going.

Despite knowing that it's easy to set up and stable, it also has disadvantages like its height. It will limit your movement if too many people are inside. It is best to utilize ridge tents when you plan to have a trip on your own. With just a few steps, you can have a shelter of your own.

Dome Tents

We will now go to a dome-shaped tent from an A structured tent. The floor of this tent is rectangular shaped following its pole shaping the tent into a dome that provides a lot of space inside. It is ideal to use this kind of tent with your families to move inside. Though the height is still limited, it is still good enough to move and do various activities inside.

The dome tent is stable, but it could lose some of its stability when the environment is windy. But on the brighter side, if you're aware of this, you can just adjust it again to maintain it. Also, dome tents tend to be the cheapest among the tents available in your store. Considering its price, it is still a good pick for camping as it provides space and stability.

Backpacking Tents

Lightweight tents are the best to have, especially if you are going alone on a long trip that can take up to two nights. Backpacking tents will suit your journey as they can be easily carried and set up. Especially when you are planning to embark on a long journey in different places, you need to rest in any area.

There are different backpacking tents; each type is durable, has good ventilation and indoor space. Take time to search some of the types of backpacking ahead and choose the best suitable one for your planned destination. In this way, you will enjoy your journey and improve your experience.

Pop-up Tents

If you don't want to stress out about setting up a tent, or maybe you don't know how to set up one, this will be a good choice. Pop-up tents are new to the field; just by removing them from the bag itself, they will form into a tent. Despite that, it has low durability, but it's suitable for backpacking as it is lightweight. With just a few steps, you have a tent to stay out for the night.

Inflatable Tents

If you want an easier way to set up a tent, inflatable tents will be your next choice. With inflatable beams, all you need to do is lay it down on the floor and pump some air in the beams to form its structure. According to some reviews of inflatable tents, it is stable and can take on strong winds.


These are some of the best tents you can consider for your camping trip. There are still more types of tents that you can explore, but these suggestions will be enough to make your camping experience into an unforgettable memory for starters. Do not forget other things to bring aside from tents. Take it slow and plan hard to enjoy your adventure time.

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